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This qualification reflects the role of workers who provide self-directed recovery oriented support for people affected by mental illness and psychiatric disability. Work involves implementing community-based programs and activities focusing on mental health, mental illness and psychiatric disability.

Work is undertaken in a range of community contexts such as community-based non-government organisations; home-based outreach; centre-based programs; respite care; residential services, rehabilitation programs; clinical settings; or supporting people in employment. Work is carried out autonomously under the broad guidance of other practitioners and professionals

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Our Mental Health First Aid Course gives you the skills and qualifications to help people you are concerned about.

1 in 5 people is diagnosed with a mental illness each year.  

There are many first aid courses available but most don’t teach you the first aid skills necessary to aid those in need of assistance.

The Importance of Mental Health Training I

Mental health still evokes negative perceptions. Those battling with it are wary of exposing it to colleagues, employers or even family members simply because the label attached to this disease causes many to treat mental health sufferers differently. Then some are struggling but may not even be aware that they have mental health issues since it is not a topic spoken about openly. For these reasons, it is paramount to have professionals who have received mental health training in Brisbane as they provide the support and insight for people taking strain.

What You Can Expect From Aspire to Succeed

Many of our students find work in the sectors we are so passionate about before even completing the course:

  • Professional support. Certified workers provide the necessary support using techniques acquired and taught. They also use their knowledge to support individuals and to help them work through their battles. Mental health carers first identify a client’s current situation and how they experience it, then develop a workable solution through ongoing professional assistance.
  • Tools to cope. Is it not strange how people rapidly pursue first aid courses, and yet few consider a course in Mental Health First Aid in Brisbane? Our first aid course is precisely that: it saves lives. We are working with people who suffer from psychiatric conditions, and when left untreated, it could result in death. As such, we equip our students through our courses with the necessary tools to work with patients, and in doing so, they can provide their patients with the tools to cope with their disease.
  • Shatter incorrect perceptions. Those pursuing mental health training play a key role in destroying false beliefs that are so pervasive within our society. Once qualified, you can help your patients view their disease differently and encourage them to go out and freely speak about their struggles. It is only through training and treatment that we can finally break free from the shackles of shame that controls mental health sufferers.

Fast Facts About a Mental Health First Aid Course in Brisbane

We  deliver our our mental health first aid course in alignment with the requirements provided by MHFA.   This course is designed to enable you to support clients  in a practical manner. Many first aid courses provide standard first aid coaching, but most do not understand the specific support people with mental problems require. Here is what you can expect from us:

  • It is a team effort. Students who complete the Aspire to Succeed MHFA – Mental Health First Aid – Standard course, work in conjunction with other industry professionals to ensure that you take the best course of action. This collaborative approach provides the best possible treatment plan for a client .
  • Comprehensive training. Our selection of models covers everything you need to start working with patients and aiding them in their daily struggles.

About Aspire to Succeed

If you embark on this journey to add value to those with a mental illness, you have reached the right place. Our course is the first step to achieving your dreams. If you are ready to get started, please contact us to chat with one of our consultants.