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Fee and Charges

Aspire to Succeed offer a competitive price on all of our products and services.  Fees and Charges can vary dependent on funding opportunities, delivery options, States/Territories and group sizes.

You will find the standard fees for each course listed on each page relevant to the qualification of choice.  Please contact us to confirm all fees and charges applicable to your course of interest prior to enrolment.

Western Australia


The traineeship program is available to students, who reside in WA, employed on a part-time/ full-time basis, and meet the apprenticeship eligibility criteria.

Qualifications Available

  • Certificate III in Cleaning Operations
  • Certificate II and III in Laundry Operations

The student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.  Additional fees may apply such as student services and resource fees.


C3G (Certificate 3 Guarantee)

The Certificate 3 Guarantee program is available to students who do not hold a certificate III qualification.  Eligibility applies.

Qualifications Available

  • Certificate III in Community Services
  • Certificate III in Individual Support
  • Certificate III in Cleaning Operations
  • Certificate III in Laundry Operations
Higher Skills Program

The Higher Skills program has been released to increase qualified workers in key industry areas.  Eligibility applies.

Qualifications available:

  • Certificate IV in Ageing Support
  • Certificate IV in Leisure and Health
  • Certificate IV in Disability
  • Certificate IV in Mental Health
  • Diploma of Community Services

What is Certificate 3 Guarantee and Higher Skills?

The Queensland government want more Queenslanders to undertake training in areas where skilled workers are needed.  To help you to do this, the government provides funding for a range of courses offered by training providers in Queensland.


A Certificate III in the first level of post-school qualification shown to have a significant impact on a persons employment and earnings.  It is also the level of qualification usually required to get a job in industries like aged care, child care, hospitality and small business.

Eligible working age Queenslanders are entitled to government funding to complete a certificate level III course.  The Certificate 3 Guarantee will be paid to the training provider to reduce the cost of the certificate level III to the learner.

Higher Skills

The principal aim of the Higher Lever Skills Program is to help individuals gain the higher level skills required to secure employment or career advancement in a priority industry.

The Higher Level Skills program will provide employers and industry with the capacity to address current workforce development needs.

What is the cost?

Under the QLD Programs, the Queensland government will subsidise the training costs for a range of certificate level courses.  The amount of subsidy provided will depend on the demand for skilled workers in the area of study. Some learners including those with a health care or pensioner concession card and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners will receive a higher subsidy. The remainder of the course cost must be met by the learner.  This means learners should expect to contribute to the cost of their training through a learner Co-contribution fee.

Aspire to Succeed Learner Co-contribution Fees

Fees for the course are invoiced upon enrolment for all units enrolled.  Invoices have a 14-day payment term.

Should you withdraw from the course, or not commence units, you will be refunded for any units paid, which you did not commence training in.

Learners have the opportunity to pay the course fees off over the duration of the course.  At no time do we wish to disadvantage a learner from completing their studies and therefore, payment plans are available.

Priority Qualifications

High Priority Qualifications are those qualifications which help develop the skills most needed by the economy. They are determined based on information about skill shortages, advice from industry, and the importance of the qualification in gaining an employment outcome.

Important Information

Access to the program

As you can only access the subsidy once, it is important you choose the right course for you to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Learner surveys

Within 3 months of completion or withdrawal from the course, it is a requirement for each learner to complete and submit a ‘Training and Employment Survey’.  The results of the surveys are provided to the QLD Training Department on a quarterly basis.  You will be provided with the form either face to face or through the post, dependant on the circumstances at the time.

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